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Turner Peirson Carpets & Flooring
Whatever your portfolio, we can provide you with valued advise


Choosing the right flooring option can be overpowering, The final choice must be right from the start.  Floor coverings must be functional, aesthetically pleasing and must add value to any investment.  The choice of the correct floor finish can be a daunting experience given the hundreds of options available locally – and can prove costly should the wrong material be installed. This is where Turner Peirson can assist you, with their highly professional flooring solution consultants.

Whether you are a home owner, architect, project manager, professional charged with enhancing your company's asset – whatever your portfolio, we can provide you with valued advice.

Our experience in the Southern African flooring sector is vast. We can source the right flooring product, the right talent and get the job done right at an acceptable price to you.

Contact us for floor care, installation and protection advice use our experience to help you complete your task.

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